Activities in Donnortei

Excursions, school groups, and summer camps at Donnortei

Activities for school groups

Educational farm

    Thanks to the regional recognition as an Educational Farm, we present the project “A Forest of Wonders”. We welcome all types of school groups, offering a series of activities with the primary goal being to raise awareness and safeguard the environment and nature as our planet’s primary resource.
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Summer camps for children

Our summer camps

    The project is dedicated to children and young people 6 years and older and is aimed at raising environmental awareness. It lasts a week with full board. During this week, our young guests will be involved in activities such as hiking in the park and on the Gennargentu, cooking workshops, horse riding, and many fun activities. The children will be accompanied by professionals who guarantee control and safety during all activities and around the clock.

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Excursions to the Park and the Gennargentu

Our excursions

    At certain times of the year, in addition to visiting our Nature Oasis, we offer numerous excursions on foot, by horse, on quad bikes or off-road. You will discover magical places and be enchanted by breathtaking landscapes on the highest peaks of our island.
    The excursions are dedicated to small groups who wish to discover unique and unspoilt locations.

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